Cecilia Cavicchini

She was born in Genoa in 1986. She attended high art school with a major in painting in 2005; then in 2012 she took a degree at Fine Arts Academy in Carrara with a major in production design (scenography).
She has been a member of QUI ARTE cultural association of art in Quiliano (Savona) since 2014 and has taken part in all of their art events.
She expresses her creative spirit in jobs of various kinds, she experiences new techniques and often uses different materials.
Her painting activity, in whatever way it is expressed, always stems from a piece of iconography: the artist captures with a photographic eye the essence of what she want to replicate in his subsequent creations.
Why “5c-scenograficamenteparlando?!”
The number “5” refers to how many times the letter “c” is repeated in her name and surname; the whole sentence completes the logo relating to her qualification.

E-mail: 5cecilia.cav@gmail.com


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She was a seamstress that came from Philadelphia, where the Continental Congress was based at that time.