Cristina Mantisi

“Digital Art is an artistic expression I have been passionate about for years after a more traditional training (pottery and acrylic painting). My painting experience, my passion for photography and working with computers, were the right introduction to DA.
I participated in many exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. Amongst them are: Berlin, Sydney, Hangzhou (China), Paris, Montreal (Canada), Oxford Castle (UK), Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), New York (Caelum Gallery), Budapest, London, Asuncion (Paraguay)”.
Cristina’s visions coincide with the trip, with the discovery of elements between nature and fairy-tale, dreamlike and feelings that sometimes capture your mind.
The use of electronic means and Digital Art characterize the artist’s production. In her design phase she chases the excitement resulted from her mental stimulation, with the ability to conjure floating images, dense and explosive together, relying on high power color effects.
The result is magnetic for the viewer.


The Woman is unique in her essence, one hundred thousand nuances in her complexity of thought, feelings, cognitions and awareness of her being.
She breaks up into a thousand facets while remaining one.
Often her breakdown results in ubiquity...