Fiorenza Orseoli

Fiorenza Orseoli of Venetian origin, was born in Treviso, later she went to Pavia to work and study. She graduated in Politics at the University of Pavia. She worked as an official in the Public Administration. In 1996 she was awarded by the President of the Italian Republic at that time, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, as Knight to the Merit of the Republic. Since the very start, she cultivated her passion for design, painting and color and material combinations, creating explosions of colors and images that conjure a playful, comic-book like, joyful use of figuration. “Never stop playing with your fantasy and dreams” the artist says. Her creations hit you by the mysterious appeal of her invention inducing you to look at the works with a bit of curiosity so that, anyone can get emotion and consideration his sensitivity evokes. Monica Anselmi and Giorgio Azzaretti have been her teachers at ARVIMA art school in Pavia. She studied ceramics and RAKU technique, attending a four-year course in ceramic painting. Much appreciated by public and critics as well,
she exhibited in many solo and collective shows both in Italy and abroad.
Featured in the Modern Art Catalogue n. 54 of Mondadori Edition and in other Art Catalogues and Magazines, she took part in broadcasts in which she talked about her art.


Dream of Autumn

On an automn day, a girl closes her eyses, she dreams and smiles thinking of a happy moment.
Don’t allow anybody to take away your dreams, never.