Giovanni Massolo

Giovanni Massolo of Ligurian origins has lived for decades in San Giuseppe di Cairo (Savona). In 1973 he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and he was a student of the painter Piero Martina and of the engraver Calandri.
He taught Drawing and Visual Education at the Art Institute of Acqui Terme.
Giovanni Massolo, painter,ceramist and engraver, has followed with interest the Masters Eso Peluzzi, Menzio, Felice Casorati and the painter Cesare Maggi, a relation of his.
In 1996, he was commissioned by the local prefecture the triptych "The New Civilization", on permanent exhibition in the Operational Room at the Civil Protection Headquarters in Alessandria. In 1997 he realized "The Moon and Bonfires" for the Home of Cesare Pavese in Santo Stefano Belbo.
In 2003 he realized the pictorial work entitled “Il Viaggio Uranico e Ctonio”, commissioned by the Mountain Community of Elba and Capraia Islands, devoted to the Prefecture of Portoferraio.

Fragility is woman

Fragility is Woman represents a nude of woman, soft and in abandonment.
It is easy for the man to overcome, to use violence but respect and love must win.