Ingrid Mijich

Ingrid Mijich lives and works in Cosseria in Liguria. Born in Fiume in 1947 (in former Yugoslavia). She moved to Turin where she completed her artistic studies.
She worked as an art teacher in schools, continuing to devote herself to painting, photography and ceramics, exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions.
Since 2012 she has been exploring the technique of watercolor by promoting a yearbook of watercolorists in her region since 2014. In recent years she has intensified her artistic production in the field of ceramics. Shee is a member of various artistic associations.
Her works are present in public and private collections.


Every woman victim of injustice and violence is a severed rose.
Red as the “planet woman” is the symbol of love and the blood that gives life.
The red color, which covers the wole planet, ignores and crosses every boundary; it is the female presence that traverses hope, life and love.