Laura Di Fonzo

Laura Di Fonzo, a painter from Liguria, has studied art from middle school to university, earning two degrees in painting. Active since 2007, she has taken part in national and international exhibitions and contests, with sketches, murals and live painting performances.
The technique mainly used is that of acrylic, scratched with a Caran d’Ache or black ballpoint pen. The color is applied in blotches and reinforced in the main elements using it dry and the use of cobalt blue is a constant.
Her pictorial style is figurative with strongly surreal and dreamlike themes, giving importance to symbolic elements, which act as a key to interpreting
her works.

Memento Mori

It is the pain sung by the woman, the mother who could not see her newborn child, who died too early, even before it could even utter the first cry.
A silent pain, of which it is difficult to speak, but
which carries a deep wound that does not heal, a psychological violence in the body and in the soul.
Memento Mori refers to the Vanitas in 17th century painting. The symbolic elements allude to the transience of life, the ephemeral condition of existence.