Luciana Bertorelli

A painter deeply skilled in the use of rich, multimedia technique, she has passionately studied at great length and depth the world of ceramics, becoming a “sculptor and ceramist of great experience and sensitivity, who builds a universe of great poetic intensity through a sensuous manipulation of matter”. (G. Vigna).
Her works are in several public and private collections, and she has participated in many exhibits in Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and the USA.
She has been mentioned, among others, in:
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(Sartori, 2014 , 2017 e 2019);
“Italians, selection of Contemporary Art - by Vittorio Sgarbi”
EA editore 2016 ;
“Review of contemporary sculpture”
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A Great Woman

“Pain and violence do not annihilate a Great Woman, who gathers the Strength she has in herself and goes on
living and fighting for herself and for others, carrying the Light inside of her”.