Monica Porro

Italian painter, Monica Porro lives and works in a little town in the north west of Italy, where she enjoys and lives in close contact with her favorite subjects: nature, people and animals that she paints on wood or paper with a light touch of imagination.
Her passion for drawing and painting started when she was very young. Reading manga and comics definitely inspired her deep interests for images.
She has displayed her paintings in solo
and collective exhibitions in Italy and Europe (2018 Technopolis Athens).



This painting is about rebirth. When something bad happens to us, we need to heal and get our strength back to resume life. My acrylic painting on wood shows a naked woman: both the woman and the painting, are injured, affected, broken... but, from the injury, a bright light and big golden wings come out to illuminate both the woman and the painting. My thought follows the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi: repairing broken things with gold. So kintsugi as a metaphor for healing ourselves and embracing our own imperfections to create something that is even more unique and beautiful.
Like a screen on the painting, just under the golden wings, we can see a little handwritten poem - it’s an ancient hymn to Isis, an ancient goddess. It is obviously about the goddess, but in my opinion it is about every wonderful woman, too.