Rosalina Collu

Graduated in literature and art history, she is the author of studies on Italian artists from
the 18th to the 20th century. After working on local cultural heritage and at
the MUSA Museum in Savona, she began to draw, taking inspiration from faces, situations and characters, especially women, with a personal technique, “fingers on tablet”.
Women, Madonnas and cats populate hers imaginative and colourful world.
Since 2017 she has participated in collective and solo exhibitions.
She is the author of portraits, stripes and humorous tales. She expresses spontaneity, humor and joy to celebrate life, stories and female characters.


I’m a “self-made girl”, and this is perhaps my self-portrait: In this woman so divided between black and white, red lips and deep purple eyes, I want to express the strength and anger that are inside the deep side of all women. Grit!! - She want to tell the world - I have to free the tiger inside me!