Rosanna La Spesa

Rosanna La Spesa born in Savona, Sicilian and Venetian origin - Italy

1974 begins his artistic research
1988 is selected  at International Ceramics Biennial  Priamar, Savona Italy
2008 Special mention at 6th National ceramics review Circle N. Poggi Albissola Marina (SV) Italy
2011 Wins Competition 6th International Festival Maiolica Albisola Sup. (SV) on the 150° Unity of Italy
2015-2017 Arte Genova
2015-2017 2^e 3^ Biennale di Miramar AG
1989/2006 Exibition in old and new Glass Museum, Altare (SV) Italy
2017 received the CIPC Culture Award, as an Olympic educator and artist Mainz - Germany.
Permanent works: Glass Museum, Altare (SV) Italy - Civic Regional Hospital Lugano (CH)
Urban furnishings: Savona, Albissola Marina, Celle Ligure, Varazze, Vezzi Portio, Denice M. - Italy.

Fleeing the cancer of violence and oppression

Her artistic output finds inspiration from water, stones and their secret language, memories coming out from fossil shells , events  of the human beings and her work of art makes it possible a kind of story-telling, a narration through glasswork, pottery, metal, plant element, paper.   ... “ a melting pot of different linguistic codes, rich of formal variations set in an original display which makes her artistic production so particular and precious; matter is to her a physical extension of her being while she aims at shaking the deepest truths and the observers's certainties.”  R. Zelatore