Rossella Bisazza

Rossella Bisazza was born in Savona in 1986.
In the early 2000s, she attended Arturo Martini art college in Savona and the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuneo, where she became passionate about painting, drawing and various graphics techniques.
She developed a pictorial style based on figurative representation and her artworks deal with humanity and human contradictions in the Western contemporary world. She wants to explain her personal vision of global political dynamics through her works and, for some years, she chose to use to use poor materials or waste materials to give new life to something that would otherwise be destroyed.


A tribute to the fighters of the Kurdish militia “YPJ” (Women’s Protection Units), against ISIS fundamentalism and all form of sexism. In this work some women in military uniform were depicted under several burned newspapers. This is the profile portrait of some Kurdish militia fighters, YPJ members (Women’s Protection Units) who actively fight in Northern Syria against ISIS and fundamentalists, for the freedom and safety of unarmed people.
The burnt newspapers that frame them, belonging to the Western press, report violent episodes on the tragic end of one the young fighters (portrait in the foreground) without praising her if not for beautiful face (called “Kurdish Angelina Jolie”). But the true heroic actions of these women have crossed the World and their sacrifice can’t be obscured by a retrograde mentality that seems to consider the woman not yet capable despite the bravery shown that literally “burns” the words. The artwork has been realized with acrylic paint on woodboard obtained from an old wardrobe.