Give Back Beauty

When beauty is ethics, passion and innovation

Give Back Beauty group includes a galaxy of companies operating in the distribution, licensing and global partnerships of prestige fragrances and other beauty products with luxury brands and celebrities.
The non-core activities include strategic beauty advisory and digital innovation incubation.
Give Back Beauty expresses company values - reliability, respect, team work, passion and innovation - every day in the way it operates with partners, clients and employees. Company strength lies in the excellence of the multi-cultural management team, sharing common strong ethical principles and values, with a mix of managerial and entrepreneurial experiences at international level both in luxury and in FMCG industries.
The group decided to adopt the name Give Back Beauty to reflect the fact that sustainability and giving back to the community are integral parts of the business.
In fact 100% of the profits of the advisory activity and a portion of the profits of the whole business are donated to non-profit activities, such as La Fondation de la Paralyse Cérébrale and World Friends.

    Unique value propositions
    Give Back Beauty unique value proposition results in the development of the beauty business of its partner brands, while securing brand equity control and long-term shareholder’s value. The group has 8 unique value drivers:

    1. Long-term orientation - Give Back Beauty is a private entrepreneurial company, financially solid and oriented to non-profit and sustainability.
    2. Excellence of the management team - multi-cultural team sharing common values and with a mix of managerial and entrepreneurial experiences at international level both in luxury and in FMCG.
    3. Focus on limited number of brands - dedicated organization by brand, proactive synergies with brand core business and other licensees, focus on each relevant market, sale cycle of the year, product category / line.
    4. Control of the distribution - tailored distribution adapted to each brand and market, strong control of brand image and visibility in the points of sales, direct management of retailers in all key markets.
    5. State of the art ecommerce - proprietary e-commerce, strong relationships with best prestige e-tailers and market places in the world  - and digital strategy - unique track record with digital beauty influencers, ownership of tools enabling control of brand visibility and prices in points of sale globally, in store and online.
    6. Product and marketing innovation - innovative concepts coherent with the DNA of each brand and consumer needs, strong compelling stories that touch emotions, a strong attention to detail and quality.
    7. Multi-axes strategy – develop all beauty categories (fragrances, make up, skincare etc)
    8. Tailor-made and evolving business models - including distribution, licensing, joint venture and other hybrid models, enabling the brand to have the desired level of operational and financial involvement in its beauty business.