Carmen Dragone

Carmen Dragone was a pupil of Master Franco Migliaccio at the School of civic design and painting techniques of Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milano). She continued her artistic training at the art studio of the master Vittorio Emanuele.
Her paintings show a figurative, post-Impressionist ancestry, but with an emphasis on materials that gives a sense of physicality and concreteness to her subjects.
The atmosphere is full of mystery and often intrudes into a surreal dimension that gives the figures, placed in a seemingly real space, a sense of absolute timelessness and of personal introspection.
Since 2004, she has participated in collective and solo exhibitions, obtaining several awards. The latest one is the prestigious International Artist of the Year  in 2018 Christopher Columbus Award in the Visual Arts Section.

Beyond, towards the light

The artist Carmen Dragone, through the symbolism of this gesture, wanted to convey a message to women who are victim of violence:
“STOP IT”, because it is the only way to move on to their salvation!