Caterina Massa

Born in Savona, Caterina Massa has always practised drawing and painting, even though she has a literary background.
After dealing with different figurative artistic expressions, she began a process of abstraction with markedly symbolical connotations.
She initially utilised oil painting, then her coming across ceramics proved decisive,
as it allowed her to be closer to matter a
nd its transformations.
In the past ten years, she has been practising the Raku technique, whose surprising work process fills her with strong emotional feelings.
She lives and works in Savona and in Cisano sul Neva (Albenga), where she has started a workshop for learning ceramic techniques. Her first exhibition was in 1990 and some three hundred collective and solo shows have followed, organised in several European countries and many Italian cities. She was awarded and nominated in numerous national and international prizes. She is featured in many catalogues, art CDs and a number of museums.


One perceives in the girl’s position a moment of suffering due to the emotions of her psychological situation, projected elsewhere without a sense of time.

A world of nostalgic and melancholic colors runs around it.